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Welcome to Qlikmap!


We are happy to release the first beta version of Qlikmap today! Qlikmap is an ecosystem map by BARC, the leading European analyst for data & analytics.

The goal is to offer the market a complete overview of the ecosystem around the Qlik products – and bring end users, partners and vendors together.

We will be focusing on two pillars at the start for the Qlik Ecosystem Map:

  • Solution Repository – A marketplace for Customers searching for additional value for their installations, as well as Prospects looking for the right solution for their needs. An add-on solution could be a dashboard template, an app built on Qliktechnology, a technical extension, a database connector or any other added value you market in the Qlik ecosystem. The first preview with 20+ add-on solutions is available at

  • Blog Portfolio Evaluating valuable resources for the Qlik ecosystem like traditional Blogs, YouTube channels or Training material you provide. The first beta version has already been released, see
All content on this site is available without registration – and for free. If you are a vendor or solution provider, read our Q&A how to participate!