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QlikMap EMEA 2021 released

Released: QlikMap EMEA 2021 – it reflects the condensed analyst’s view of the market: It gives you an overview of the most important providers of add-on solutions in the Qlik ecosystem as well as the Service Partners by region. All logos are linked to the vendors and service partners.

  • The Service Partners (right side, yellow) are organized by Region and highlight companies which are very visible and active around Qlik in the region
  • The Add-on providers (left side, green) are vendors that offer added value for the Qlik ecosystem and are mainly global, supplemented by add-on vendors with focused presence in the EMEA region
  • The Blog & Podcast section (orange) highlights some significant regional offerings.

The Maps are the most aggregated element of BARC’s ecosystem guides and usually updated once a year. Further regions are planned for the future.